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Selected publications

Legal ethics column on (regular contributor), Canada's online legal magazine, 2020 - present

Rule 61 - Appeals to an Appellate Court

in Noel Semple (ed.), Civil Practice and Procedure in Ontario, CanLII, 2021 - 2022

Rule 62 - Appeals from Interlocutory Orders and Other Appeals to a Judge

in Noel Semple (ed.), Civil Practice and Procedure in Ontario, CanLII, 2021 - 2022

Fusion or Confusion? But-For Causation in Fiduciary Law in Stirrett v. Cheema

in the Honourable Todd L. Archibald, ed. Annual Review of Civil Litigation, 2021 (Toronto, Thomson Reuters, 2021) 363 (co-authored with Toby Samson).

Explaining disqualification: An Empirical Review of Motions for the Removal of Counsel

(2020) 45:2 Queen's Law Journal 199

Common-sense causation: How a robust and pragmatic application of the 'but for' test can solve the circular causation problem in cases of multiple contributing tortfeasors

in the Honourable Justice Todd L. Archibald, ed., Annual Review of Civil Litigation, 2018 (Toronto, Thomson Reuters, 2018) 457 (co-authored with Alexi Wood)

Developments in the Legal Profession: Lizotte, Alberta and Green and the Growing Power of Privilege and Professional Regulators

(2018) 82 Supreme Court Law Review (2d) 71

Effecting a Culture Shift: An Empirical Review of Ontario's Summary Judgment Reform

(2017) 54:4 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 1275

Time for the courts to go paperless

Law Times, April 24, 2017

Shifting blame? Reassessing the tort of inducing breach of contract following A.I. Enterprises

in Todd L. Archibald and Randall Scott Echlin, eds., Annual Review of Civil Litigation, 2016 (Toronto: Thomson Reuters, 2016) 245 

#Inappropriate: Ramifications of teachers' off-duty social media postings

(2016) 26.1 Education Law Journal 53

Backpedalling on Charter Damages: Henry v British Columbia (Attorney General)

(2016) 45(3) Advocates' Quarterly 359

Developments in Access to Justice: Trial Lawyers' Association of British Columbia and the Supreme Court's use of the Constitution to Protect Public Access to the Courts

(2016) 72 Supreme Court Law Review (2d) 485

Like a prayer: Administrative law implications of the Supreme Court's freedom of religion decision in Saguenay

(2015) 34(2) Advocates' Journal 42

The Not-So-Bright Line Rule: Lingering Questions About Lawyers' Duty to Avoid Conflicting Interests: CN Railway v McKercher

(2014) 42 Advocates Quarterly 422

Better value: Problems with the billable hour and the viability of value-based billing

(2013) 90 Canadian Bar Review 677

Settling for less: How the Rules of Civil Procedure overlook the public perspective of justice

(2011) 39 Advocates Quarterly 222

Articles reproduced with permission of the publishers (Queen's Law Journal; Osgoode Hall Law Journal; Thomson Reuters Canada Limited; and LexisNexis Canada Inc)

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